Our focus is the majority. To make sure that the service works good for the majority. Many resources are shared, so we must address peak users usage when it affects resources for the majority. We reserve the right to disable or restrict usage at any time for any reason.

Accounts are single user accounts. Shared accounts will be terminated. We are priced at a very thin margin so that we can offer the most services and features for the least cost. Shared accounts cause us to lose on the service.

We offer no guarantees written nor implied for anything. Parts of the service, or all of the service, may be unavailable for periods of time both announced and unannounced, defined and undefined. The service may become compromised in a way we are unaware. Acts of nature and man may render the service unavailable at any time. This service is strictly use at your own risk.

We place security above uptime. This means that if a vulnerability is discovered in something we offer that we cannot immediately patch, we may remove or restrict the service until a patch is available. We prefer this to leaving a vulnerable service running and just hoping no one compromises it.

Proxy speeds. Routing and other issues will dramatically affect speeds. Because of this, speeds are not guaranteed. In general we desire to keep them fast for all, it's not much use if slow, and if slow the helpdesk mail fills up with people wanting to know why it is slow, so we keep it as fast as we can. But there are many variables out of our control so nothing can be guaranteed. This is purely a use at your own risk service.

Please be aware that we are a privacy service, not an anonymous service. Some features (like the remailers) are truly anonymous and in general you are anonymous to the outside world with the rest of our service, but you are paying us and as such likely not anonymous to us. Because of this you can be held accountable for your actions. Act accordingly.

We operate solely under US law and are here to protect you from the unwashed masses and provide you with privacy for anything legal under US law. If you are hiding from the US government or doing something illegal under US law, don't use us. The US government is bigger than we are, they can come in and seize our equipment and we would only be able to watch them do it if we didn't obey US law (well, not exactly just watch, US law gives us the right to legally fight back, but even when we fought and won, they'd still have seized the equipment and all our data for a while).

Backups. Automatic backups can compromise your privacy because there is a backup to seize of something you deleted. For this reason we do not back up any user data, neither e-mail nor web space. Our backups only consist of files necessary to the function of the service. Mail spools and web space are not included, nor are server logs, nor any temporary data. We do, however, provide you with the tools to perform your own backups of your e-mail and web site if you wish.

No risk money back 30 day trial.