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Support: IRC Chat Policies

This is an IRC (Internet Relay chat) forum. We do not control the actions of others. We will, upon knowledge of anyone breaking our policies or any particular "laws," kick and/or ban someone from using our chat servers. We reserve the right to kick, ban, akill, kline or block at the firewall, any connection to our servers, at any time, without prior announcement and without negotiation.

We adhere to Cotse's General Terms of Service and Privacy Policies. A directory of our policies can be found here.

The #Helpdesk Channel Policies

Q & A on Cotse IRC

The #helpdesk channel is primarily for real-time support for questions about Cotse.Net's services. If you have other questions that don't relate to Cotse.Net, we'll try to help you if we can, but that's not our primary function.

#helpdesk is staffed by volunteers -- users like you who are willing to share their knowledge and skills. Cotse staff members also hang out in channel, but are not always available for real-time assistance.

For questions about your account status or any problems relating to a payment, you will need to email helpdesk[at] The volunteers do not have access to account information. Similarly, if you have been locked out of your account for any reason, you will need to email helpdesk[at]

No volunteer or staff member in #helpdesk will EVER ask for your password. Do not give out your password or any personal information in channel.

The #helpdesk channel isn't for "open discussion" or general chat, but we're human, too. Chat in channel is fine as long as no one's in channel trying to get help. General chat is expected to stop while we attempt to assist the user.

Because the channel is staffed by volunteers, there may not be anyone "live" to answer your question when you join channel. Please wait a few minutes, and then if no one greets you or attempts to help you, please email helpdesk[at]

While we understand that people can get frustrated at times, we will not allow abuse of the volunteers. If you should ever feel that you've been treated rudely by a #helpdesk volunteer, please send an email to helpdesk[at] with details. By the same token, if you've had a great experience with our volunteers, please let us know.

We do not support nor will we help you fix, computers for gaming, graphics acceleration or multimedia projects.

We do not support warez and we won't help you find warez. Don't even ask.

We do not support Microsoft Windows ME.

If you are seeking our assistance because your browser got hijacked or your system got infected, we will do our best to assist you but it is your sole responsibility to research and validate any information provided by #helpdesk volunteers in preparation to making modifications, changes and/or deletions from the system you are requesting help for, including editing the registry to rid the system of spyware. It's your responsibility to backup any/all files on the system you're working on that is important to you prior to making any changes. We are not responsible if you lose data.

This policy may be modified, so please check back periodically to see if the policy has been updated.




Q: Who runs #helpdesk?

A: #helpdesk is run by Doc.

Q:  Um.... how do I get to #helpdesk?

A: From within the web interface when you are logged in to your account, click the "IRC" link at the top of the page. You will then be asked to enter your Cotse username and Cotse password. After entering them, you will get another window. Click on "Login" and you will be in #helpdesk under your own Cotse username.

Alternatively, you can use this link to get to #helpdesk or use your own favorite IRC client and connect to

Q: What do the symbols mean next to the nicknames in the list of #helpdesk personnel? 

The @ symbol before a user's name indicates that he or she is a channel operator. Those with other symbols such as % or + before their names are volunteer staff.

Q: I think I'm being abused by a Cotse.Net customer, is this where I report it?

A:  No. Abuse complaints must be submitted by email to Please read our terms of service first.

Q: Is the Cotse IRC chat secure?

A:  No. You will have greater security if you use the "IRC" link from within the web interface when you login, but for even greater security, you should use an encrypted connection to Cotse.Net. Elsewhere on this site, you can find directions for Stunnel.

Q: I got banned from another chat channel on Should I report it to #helpdesk?

A:  No. #helpdesk personnel are here to handle questions about using Cotse.Net's features. We are not here to get involved in flame wars in IRC.

Q:  I have a lot of skills and am willing to help. Can I hang out in #helpdesk?

A: Yes. But if you just hang out and never help, you may be asked to leave.

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