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Our e-mail service is unmatched on the Internet. You simply cannot get more server side control over your e-mail without running your own mail server and knowing how to program, period. Too brash a statement to make? After reading our email features list and trying our service, you'll see why we confidently assert that we are unique.

The Basics:

About Our Email and Webmail Hate Spam and Spammers?
Web mail is basically a browser interface to handle your email (mostly for use in changing settings or for when on the road). You don't need your desktop client when at a strange computer, simply open a browser such as Netscape or Internet Explorer, visit an Internet Address, login and read your mail. With webmail comes several features that are seen as advantages and disadvantages, depending on your outlook. With our services, you have the advantage of using both Webmail and standard email clients (through the use of "pop3s", a secure pop email, so if you are more partial to pop email, then you can do that with us also!

Webmail also gives you the advantage of leaving the messages on our servers. If someone doesn't know you have a Cotse account, then they don't have access to it without: (1) first knowing you have the account, (2) having your correct password (which you would have to give them) and (3) we don't just turn over information about out clients to just anyone.

Through the use of Certified Checks and Money Orders, your privacy is still in check. We know very little about you. We only know two things for sure: (1) the original IP address you used to sign up and (2) the email address you used to get your introductory welcoming email from us.

Unlike other email providers, we do not tag your outgoing email with your current IP address. We are here as a privacy shield. We see no reason what-so-ever to violate your privacy as other email providers do by tagging all of your email or usenet postings with your IP address. You are only accountable to the law, yourself and your ISP. You are not accountable to someone with the intent on breaking into your computer by obtaining your IP address from an email or smear your name by obtaining information about you and posting it on the Internet.

Our e-mail service is available both regular POP3 and POP3S. Our service offers POP3S and POP3 STARTTLS which ensures the widest client coverage, meaning that your favorite mail client should work fine with our service. We also offer SMTP, SMTP with STARTTLS, and SMTPS.

If your ISP is blocking you on Port 25 (which is usually used for SMTP), please email us and we will let you know what other ports you can use for sending mail from your mail client.

The availability of alternate ports is of especial note to those who are concerned about working around monitoring.

For increased security and privacy, we recommend you use PGP (http://www. or There is a freeware version available for personal use. PGP 8.0 is the compatible version for Windows XP users.

For webmail we use a highly customized version of Squirrelmail (, a well-supported open source webmail. We took Squirrelmail and built onto it our own additions, modifications for security, and features. Those of you who are already experienced with Squirrelmail will probably note some of the enhancements we've made.

We hate spam, too. That's why we give our customers so many ways to fight spam.

Not only do we provide you with more methods of defeating spam by offering features such as DNSBL, SpamAssassin, the ability to reject mail based on particular words, Bayesian filtering, the ability to block inline html, the ability to block attachments, SpamCop reporting, and the ability to block potentially unsafe images, but -- unlike other services that require you to download all your mail before your spam-fighting filters can go to work -- with a Cotse.Net account, you customize the filters that you want to use and then they're applied server-side so that most spam need never reach your mailbox at all.

Once you experience the dramatic decrease in spam that many of our customers report, you'll want to use the same system for your other email accounts -- and you can!

As long as you can forward email to your Cotse account, your Cotse filters will filter your mail for you.

Please note, however, that single-user accounts are for the individual user. They are not to be used to have all your friends' or colleagues' email forwarded to your account so that they can have the benefit of Cotse.Net's unique filtering capabilities. Feel free to encourage your friends to sign up for their own accounts and take advantage of our bulk rate discount!

See also our spam-blocking overview and email addresses and domain names for some helpful tips.

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