Forgot Password

I Forgot My Password

If you set up your "20 Questions"(TM) Identity Verification for automated identity verification, you may use this form to have your password reset to a random value and sent to a specified email address:

If you did not set these up, you are subject to the following terms and conditions for verifying your identity, and if you are unable to, you will not be able to re-gain access to the account and will need to sign up for a new one.

Please remember that we are a privacy service. We must guard against third party access to your account. This means also guarding against those trying to bluff or trick their way into getting access. You face an uphill battle when you forget key details and you may even be locked out permanently.

If you forgot your account name, your password, and password reset key word we cannot help you.
Without any of this information you cannot prove you are the account owner and we cannot help you gain access to the account. Even you possessing the credit card information is not proof that you are the account owner, card numbers are easily stolen, bought, and sold online. The best that we can do is to stop the billing (see below).

Passwords can only be reset when we are provided with the proper key word.
This key word is what you provided to us for the purpose of a forgotten password when you reserved and set up the account. This key word allows us to trigger a password reset.

A random password is sent to the email address you entered when you set up the account
The one that said lost passwords will be mailed here, use of a fake address may result in lock out... If you don't have access to this e-mail address you are now locked out of your account.

If locked out perm and autopaying
We can stop the automatic billing for credit cards, to do so we need the first four digits and the last four digits of the card. Paypal subscribers will need to cancel the autopay from within their paypal account.

A recap:

Mail helpdesk a mail with your password reset key word. They trigger password reset that sends a new random password to the e-mail address you entered when you reserved and set up the account.