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What is it?
News2Remail is a mini NNTP server which pipes all posts directly to Mixmaster. It's a News to Remailer gateway.
* This is a gateway, if you wish to install everything local, see the personal version.
What does that mean to me?
It means being able to read, reply, and post to usenet anonymously from a regular news reader. Posting through the Mixmaster remailers without having to copy and paste nor switch to a different application.
What do I need to use it?
A news reader that supports reading from one server and posting to another. Some that do: Xnews, Agent, Thunderbird.
Give me an example.

Using Xnews:

  • Configure your normal news server in Xnews ( for a free one) as a reader.
  • Proceed only after you have set up your default news server.
  • Choose the Special menu, then Set up Xnews, and then the Servers tab.
  • Click New
  • Enter server name and click OK (
  • Enter Alias for the server and click OK (News2Remail)
  • In the username field enter your cotse username*
  • In the password field enter your cotse password*
  • Click OK

Now when you reply to a post at the bottom right side of the compose window you'll see a droplist for Post To. Select the entry News2Remail and then click send. Your post is then sent via the Mixmaster remailers according to the configuration you set in Remailers - Set Up News2Remail in webmail.

Tip: Entering the following in your Groups.ini will make News2Remail your default posting server. Thus eliminating the need to even click the droplist, just read and reply as normal. The lines to enter:


We welcome tips for other clients.

News2Remail is available NNTP via port 119 and NNTPS via port 563. Port 563 can also be used with stunnel to set up an encrypted tunnel for newsreaders that do not support NNTPS. Encrypting your connection is highly recommended.

News2Remail has the ability to set the chain on the fly as well. To do so place the following in your headers or as the first line of the reply/post:

dizum,*,twisty; copies=6

Where "X-Chain:<space>" is the key and anything following is the new chain, with or without copies.

News2Remail also has the ability to set the mail2news gateway on the fly. To set this place this in the headers or beginning of your post:


Of course substituting the address for the one you wish to post to. "X-m2n:<space>" is the key and anything following is the new gateway.

Please note that if a mistake is made setting either of these then the post will be discarded. Input validation is strict and make sure you use the proper remailer names if you make use of this undocumented feature. If you fail, posts vanish.

*We have enabled temporary guest access. non-subscribers may use user and password of guest.

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