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Configuring Cotse's SSH Tunnel For SecureCRT

Support: SSH: SecureCRT

This support documentation was contributed by DocJeff for SecureCRT v. 3.25.

  • Install SecureCRT as VanDyke suggests
  • Open SecureCRT and click File - Connect
  • Click New Session

Use the data below, adjusting to suit your needs:

  • Connection:
    • Name: Cotse Tunnel [Web Proxy]
    • Protocol: ssh2
    • Hostname: The SSH server you were assigned
    • Port: 22 (default for SSH2)
    • Username: your COTSE username
    • Primary: Password (default)
    • Secondary: <none> (default)
  • Login Scripts: leave alone
  • SSH2: leave alone
  • Port Forwarding: add the following:
    • Name: Web Proxy
    • Port: 6000 [you can use anything you like over 1024]
    • Destination host is different from the SSH server - uncheck this if checked
    • Port: 8080
    • Application: enter the path to your browser, e.g. c:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe. Note: this will open your browser automatically for you open establishing a connection to the tunnel. If you'd prefer to open your browser manually, leave this field blank.
    • Arguments: [leave empty]
    • Click OK
    • Remote: [leave alone]
    • X11: [leave alone]

Leave everything else alone and then click OK

  • Double click the Session named: Cotse Tunnel [Web Proxy] or whatever name you gave it.
  • When you're prompted, enter your password and hit Enter. If you'd prefer to let SecureCRT send your password for you in the future, check the "Remember my password" option. It would be more secure if you didn't store the password.

If you chose not to allow SecureCRT to start your browser automatically, open your browser.

In your browser, set the proxy information to hostname and the port you chose [6000 in the example above].

The first time you attempt to visit a site after connecting to the SSH server via SecureCRT and opening your browser, you will be prompted for your username and password. If your username/password is the same as your normal Cotse username/password, enter those here. If not, use the username/password you were provided specifically for the SSH tunnel.

You should now be browsing through the SSH tunnel web proxy. Congratulations!

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