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Unsolicited Testimonials

Cotse.Net was recommended in:

Desktop Witness: The Do's & Don'ts of Personal Computer Security
by Michael A. Caloyannides
And also in:
Privacy Protection and Computer Forensics
by Michael A. Caloyannides

Some independent reviews of the service:

Cotse SSH

"Positives: Fairly fast downloads, very fast uploads. Standard SSh2 setup. Well tested for years, & you can't accidentally direct-connect to the target server! Anonymous signup! Cash & Money Orders accepted. Monthly subscription available. The least expensive of all these. Only 5.95/mo!

Negatives: Not a thing, really. This server is a lovely piece. All we can come up with is that the setup instructions could stand a little tweaking."

- Boxie
Subject: Secure Server Evaluation -, FindNot, Cotse, et al
"Paid privacy service with anonymous email, multiple domains, PGP encryption, spam protection and SSH tunnelling for port based traffic. The absense of exaggerated claims in combination with thorough information about their services makes cotse stand out clearly from the crowd."

Now read what some of our customers have had to say about our service...

 "I really don't know how you do it for $5.95/mo. Cotse is incredible. A complete set of Internet tools - peerless email, tunneling, proxying, remailing, webhosting, I can't even comprehend yet alone use it all.

-John K, CO."  
"I have enjoyed your service since before 9/11, and I continue to use it still. As a result, I have almost ZERO spam messages, and have NEVER been struck by a virus While using your service. Keep up the good work!

- Bob Axtell, Tucson AZ"
 "Your service keeps getting better every day. That you should use your ingenuity to improve a service that is already (as far as my experience goes) the best, is a credit to your dedication. I mean every word. A million thanks."  
" gents have done a bang up job putting your service together. I'm delighted with the offerings!" 
"Firstly, let me say how very pleased I am with your service...and at a very reasonable price. Thank you very much. I subscribed just a few days ago after much research, searching and testing. 
I was impressed with the speed of response to my subscription request and then equally impressed with the performance of the service itself. Not only did it pass all the tests I could throw at it (such as everything at but the response times were better than most other public proxies (anonymous and otherwise) and even my ISP's own 'transparent' proxies!
Keep up the great work!"
"...Thanks, I have just signed up with Cotse. It seems to work fine although I can't understand how they can provide a better(?) service than Mutemail at 1/3 the price!!!"
"Thanks for the quick response. You folks are awesome. COTSE should be a mandatory service when using the 'Net. I'm in awe at how many services COTSE provides. Friggin incredible. Worth every penny and then some."
"i knew you guys were good, but not that good. lol. i'm awash in a sea of options :p"
"the number of new anti-spam features you've added in the past year is amazing keep up the good work! i'm signing up for another 12 months."
"Just wanted you guys to know that Cotse has been very helpful to me on many ways over the last 14 months I've been subscribing. I don't know where else this bundle of services would be available; you may be unique.
Of course I look forward to new features, but the existing ones have been very nice to have access to, especially when traveling."
"Thanks for getting my account up and running. I have never paid for an e-mail account, but I didn't realize all the features you offer. $5.95/month is nothing for what you offer. You offer some very cool services!"
"I think that sites like this is what makes the internet a free and democratic place.....away from the snoops and people who want to take away our rights. I've been in the computer industry for a long time and have worked with some of the best....... I'm tired of information about me being sold and worries about who's watching me when I'm surfing. Thanks a lot."
"WOW You guys are fast! Thanks..."
"Such a flexible system. Thanks!"


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