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Login Problems?

Follow the procedures below to see if they help you resolve your problem. Troubleshooting steps for problems logging in to the web proxy are handled in a separate file.

Trouble Logging In?

Lost Your Password?

If you just signed up for a new account, please note that it may take up to 24 hours for the account to be activated. Activation is by hand. If it has been longer than 24 hours something is amiss. In this case please contact the helpdesk with your account name and the transaction id for the payment. We will get it created asap.

Remember that your login password is case-sensitive in terms of upper/lowercase typing. But your account name must be entered all lower case.

If you lost your password, see the instructions on this page for what to do.

If you can't login to the web interface and keep getting the login screen, check to insure that your browser accepts cookies. In order to use your browser with Cotse Services, you must enable cookies. The cookies are used for authentication only. Enable cookies, if you don't have them enabled, then clear your cache and try again.

If you have too much mail stored on the server, you may find your account temporarily disabled until you clear it out. To clear it out, login via this link and clear out your spam folder or trash folder or whatever is causing the problem. You should be able to access your account again in about 15 minutes.

If your account expired or you forgot to renew in time, you may also get an error message on login. If you can login via this link but not any others, you are probably expired. Please renew asap. If you know your account has not been expired or you renewed a while ago and still cannot access please email helpdesk at and include your account name and payment transaction ID.

Accounts are expired the month following their actual expire date. This provides some cushion. Renewals are always applied to the expire date, not from the date of renewal. This is true of both renewals for past expired accounts and renewals for accounts that will expire in the future. If you are not sure whether your account expired, please email helpdesk at

If your account was renewed 24 hours ago and you can't login yet, we may not have received payment notification. Please email helpdesk at with your payment transaction ID and we will look into it.

If none of the above are the problem, please contact the helpdesk.

We are very protective of our user's accounts. We'll never knowingly divulge your account information to anyone else. Only you and possibly the email accounts you have elsewhere will have access to your information. In particular, your password is your lifeline to your Cotse Account. We will never ask for your password.

There is only one way to retrieve your lost password:

Mail your account name along with the Hint/Key that you entered when you originally signed up for your Cotse Account to helpdesk. If the key matches then the password will be reset to a random password and the new password will be mailed to both your cotse account and the mail address you originally entered when you reserved the account.

If you have forgotten your hint or you used a bogus mail address when you reserved then you have lost access to your account for good by forgetting the password. At that point the only option left is for you to cancel the billing, if it is a subscription, so that you are not paying for something you cannot access.

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