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Troubleshooting Email Sending Problems

Support: Email:  Troubleshooting Email: Sending Problems

If you are unable to send mail using your desktop email client, begin by reviewing all of the instructions for configuring your desktop client to insure that you haven't missed a step.

If everything is accurately configured and you still can't send, and if you have anti-virus software such as Norton or McAfee enabled, trying turning it off. If you can send when it is turned off, it is because your a/v software has changed some of your secondary email settings.

If turning off your a/v software doesn't solve your problem and if you are running a personal firewall such as Zone Alarm, try turning that off and see if you can send mail. If you can, you will need to change your Zone Alarm settings, as they are interfering.

If you are still unable to send, try turning off both your a/v software and firewall together.

If you still can't send, you can you try to test your connection tou our server through "Telnet". If you're not familiar with the way Telnet works, here's a brief explanation:

Telnet is an application contained on "most" Operating Systems allowing you to connect via "Command Line" to a particular server. In this case, we will be attempting to connect to on port 25.

In Windows, you may run "Telnet" by going to Start --> Programs (and then sometimes "Accessories" (it depends on your version of Windows) then click the MSDOS or in some instances, the "Command Prompt" icon. When this window opens, type: telnet 25

This should connect to the smtp server on port 25. The return value present in the telnet window should look similar to:

220 ESMTP CotseMail 5.7.4/5.7.4; Wed, 17 Sep 2003 23:29:53 -0400 ( EDT)

If you see this, chances are, your connection to our server is good. If you cannot see this, chances are, something is blocking your connection. This is a good indicator whether you can connect through your desktop email client or not.

If after conducting all these tests you still cannot send mail, please email us and tell us what desktop client you are using, what settings you are using, what you have tried and with what results. Note that we do not support all desktop email clients, but we will try our best to help you.

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