Setting up K-9 Mail
(K-9 Mail is a free mail app available from Google Play store. We recommend K-9 Mail over the default Android Mail app for it's easy ability to handle multiple identities (from addresses/aliases) as well as handle PGP)

  • Download and install k-9 Mail from Google Play
  • After install, launch it.
  • Click next on welcome screen
  • Enter e-mail address and password (typically and your cotse e-mail password, but can be any Cotse hosted address/alias you want to use, but still Cotse email password)
  • Tap Manual Setup
  • Tap IMAP (or POP if you are familiar with it and prefer it over imap)
  • Incoming server settings:

    Username: youraccountname
    Password: Your email password
    IMAP server:
    Security: SSL/TLS (always)
    Authentication: Plain

    Rest leave at defaults

  • Tap Next
  • It will verify incoming server settings and if correct move to Outgoing server settings:

    SMTP Server:
    Security: SSL/TLS (always)
    Port: 465
    Require sign-in: checked
    Authentication: Plain
    Username: yourcotseusername
    Password: Your email password

  • Tap Next
  • It will verify SMTP and move to Account options:

    Set as you desire, enable push mail is fine checked

  • Tap Next
  • You're almost done!:

    Enter a name for this account setup (ex. Cotse)
    Enter the name you'd like on the mail you send (typically your name).

  • Tap Done

Tap on the name you gave the account (ex. Cotse) to open it.

You can click the < next to the little k-9 icon at top left of screen to go back,
first tap brings you to folders to select from (if you'd like to read a different folder),
Tap it again and you are back where you started at accounts.

Multiple Aliases:

  • From main account screen Tap and hold the account (ex. Cotse)
  • A menu appears, select Account settings
  • Select Sending Mail
  • Select Manage Identities
  • Tap the Menu button on your device and select New identity
  • Enter information and tap the back icon on your device
  • Repeat for each identity to send as, they will be available in a list when you tap the from line in the compose window.


k-9 Mail supports PGP with the installation of the app APG (free from Google Play store)

  • After setting up your public and private keys in APG, Tap and hold on the account (ex. Cotse) as you did to create multiple identities above.
  • Select Account settings, scroll to Cryptography and tap OpenPGP Provider and select APG.

K-9 will now handle PGP.

Setting up the default Android Mail app
(k-9 is really much better):

  • Open your email app.
  • Tap Other when presented with list of accounts
  • Enter your e-mail address and password
  • Select Manual Setup
  • Select imap (pop, if you are familiar with it and prefer it):

    Username: Your Cotse account name without
    Password: Your email password
    IMAP server:
    Port: (leave it be, it will change when we change security type)
    Security type: SSL/TLS
    Authentication Method: Plain
    IMAP path prefix: Leave it as is, empty

  • Click next
  • After verifying incoming settings it will bring you to outgoing (SMTP server settings):

    SMTP server:
    Port: (leave it be, it will change when we select security type)
    Security Type: SSL/TLS
    Require Sign-in: checked
    Authentication Method: Plain
    Username: Your Cotse account without
    Password: Your email password

  • Click Next
  • After verifying SMTP you will end up at account settings, make any changes you wish.
  • Click Done:

    Give this account a name and enter the name you wish to appear on your e-mail

  • Click Next