• Disk Quota - 500 meg (upgrades available)
  • Outgoing SMTP - 300 messages or 250 meg per 24 hours (upgrades available)
  • Large mailing lists not allowed on public service.
    (dedicated server required).
  • Incoming Attachment Size - 15 meg
  • Outgoing Attachment Size - 15 meg
  • Increased quota and sent limit plans available

Web Hosting:

  • Disk Quota - 150 meg
  • Monthly Bandwidth - 1000 meg
  • MySQL DBs - 3
  • FTP Accounts - 10
  • Subdomains - Unlimited
  • Addon Domains - 2
  • Adult content allowed.
  • Increased bandwidth plans available.
  • Increased disk quota plans available.
  • Email from your website cannot be sent anywhere but cotse's mail server. Meaning you can get from submissions and notifications mailed to you from your website, but cannot send e-mail directly out to the world from your web site.

Proxies and Tunnels:

  • No p2p or filesharing. Incoming connections are the problem with these services, thousands of machines trying to connect becomes like a DoS attack to the SSH server.
  • The sharing of copyrighted materials where you do not own the rights to share the materials is prohibited.
  • No continuous downloading through our tunnels or proxies. If you want continuous downloads 24x7x365 at high speeds you'll need a dedicated proxy.
  • No automation. No scripts running through the proxies of any sort allowed. This includes spiders, harvesters, etc.
  • Port 25 is blocked via the tunnels and proxies.

We have a zero tolerance for fraud, spam, harassment, theft, terroristic threats, cracking or DoS attacking other servers, or child porn. If planning on using our services as a shield for yourself while you engage in any of these activities, don't.

Terms and Conditions